Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thing #23 Summary

Well I have come to the end of my journey through the 23 Things.  Along the way I have  had many wonderful experiences.  I loved working with Image Chef, Photostory, Avatars, and all of those types of creative tools.  The artistic aspects of them were alot of fun!! I loved creating my blog and exploring other blogs. I have become a true blogophile!  This program has assisted my lifelong learning goals by giving me many tools to use in my career as a librarian as well as to show me how to find more webtools and how to continue to keep up with the latest web technology.  This is something  I definately plan to continue to do  throughout my career.  I am a lot less intimidated by this type of technology now that I have tried it and succeeded.  Not only is all of this stuff FUN it is so helpful and useful in the teaching/library profession.  As far as the way the 23 Things is set up, I don’t see doing much different, I thought the program was great.  I really liked having the comments underneath each Thing where students commented on problems or gave tips about the particular “Thing” being investigated.  Something  that surprised me during my experience was how much fun I had discovering and playing with all the Things.  Even though it was a lot of work, it was enjoyable work and a very creative experience. I would definitely choose to participate in any  discovery programs like this in the future.  It was a wonderful experience that I would describe as MIND-EXPANDING!! Now,  off I go a-commenting….

Thing #21 Podcasts and Photostory

I loved Photostory.  I had a great time creating this one of my 2 children, Mischa and Anna.  Next time I plan to add narration and titles but this time just photos and music were perfect.  I did have a bit of a hard time inserting it into my blog- it took FOREVER!!

Thing #22 Nings

I  think Nings would be great for a classroom or a library to create.  As a librarian, I could create a Ning to network with other librarians in my district and we could fill it up with videos of our students doing cool things in the library, photos, access  to the blogs of other libraries and classrooms, student/teacher/parent resources, and so much more! I really liked Ning and checked out several Ning sites.  One of my favorites was “Teacher Librarian Ning”.  It had lots of great things on it including the latest news from school libraries all over the country,  discussions on topics like “cell phones in the classroom: distraction or tool?”, videos, photos, articles and links to all kinds of other blogs and interesting educational sites.  A person could spend hours here getting info and ideas!  Ning has inspired me and I hope to create my own Ning soon,  I just have to figure out on what.  Maybe one for library students all over the country.  Hmmm, I’ll have to go check and see if there is one of those yet!! Happy Ning-ing!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thing #20 YouTube, TeacherTube, and Zamzar

Here is a great video I found on YouTube that a librarian created called "The Librarian's Manifesto".  It is her crede to be followed while becoming the best librarian she can!  I think it is very pertinent for us library students!
I had never looked at TeacherTube before and found several great videos there.  I liked the fact that you can search videos by topic, most viewed, highest rated, favorite, featured, most linked and more.  Also, TeacherTube doesn't just feature videos but also blogs, classifieds, teacher resources and more!  This is a great resource for teachers and I am really glad I learned about it.  I looked at several videos from one teachers video-rap about simplifying fractions to a great song and video for teaching students about the water cycle.  This is such a great resource for teachers who are looking for videos to educated their students on certain topics.  Need to teach your students about a certain math or language skill?  TeacherTube probably has a video about it!!  I think all teachers should make at least one video to post to TeacherTube,  think of the wealth of video resources we could have if we all did that!!!

Thing #19 Web 2.0 Awards

I looked at many of the web 2.0  tools including a geneology searcher, but my favorite was another blog search tool called "Google Blogsearch".  It is like Technorati in that it searches blogs for news and information about topics you indicate.  It then gives you a list of blogs which contain that information.  I actually used this to do some more research about Infantile Spasms (you may have read of my predicament in my blog #18).  I actually came up with quite a few blogs containing information on this very rare phenomenon.  This has been helpful to me.  "Google Blogsearch" was awarded the number one spot in the news and blog search tools category in the awards. As far as the useful parts of blog searching in regards to Libraries and education, blogs often contain useful information which  cannot be found when doing a regular  website search.  Blogs are an alternative source of news and information seperate from websites which should not be overlooked when doing research.

Thing #17 Rollyo

I'm going to talk about how Rollyo helped me in a specialized search.  I've been going through some serious h***over the last few days.  My little girl started exhibiting some seizure type behaviors and so I took her to her pediatrician who is now referring her to a neurologist.  I found a video on YouTube of a baby who was exhibiting the same type of behavior I have been seeing in my Anna.  It is known as infantile spasms.  Well this really looked like what I was seeing in Anna.  I had read somewhere that there is a slightly elevated risk of epilepsy in children with Down Syndrome.  I googled "down syndrome and infantile spasms".  I didn't come up with much.  I went to Rollyo and began to work with it to create a custom searchroll where I can find pertinent sites and save them.  I am now experimenting with this in order to help me in my research.  With Rollyo I was able to put together a list of sites I would like to search for specific information such as different medical websites, etc.  I was then able to come up with a more specific list of helpful sites which could give me info.  This is about as far as I got with Rollyo,  I am still a little confused as to what else it can do which could help a teacher.  I suppose you could conduct a metasearch by telling Rollyo to search only specific kid friendly  search engines (Yahoo Kids, etc.)  for information and this would leave out some of the irrelevent sites. Other than that,  I will read what my fellow students have to say about Rollyo in order to learn more.   In the meantime, please pray for my beautiful Anna.  I am having a hard time getting her in to see a neurologist.  It is ridiculous the amount of time they make you wait to pass referrals back and forth between doctors, etc.  One place told me they couldn't get her in until January!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thing #18 Online Productivity Tools: Google Docs

I have been using Google Docs since July when I started writing a children's book with my sister who is an artist and decided that we should finally accomplish our lifelong dream of me authoring a children's book while she illustrates it.  In order for her to be able to see my daily work on the book, my husband suggested we set it up using Google Docs.  This way she can access my document/book at any time to see what I am writing and give me feedback.  The advantage of this is just that, she can access what the latest version of what I am writing at any time by simply going into our Google Doc.  She can also edit it or add comments that I can see immediately. The disadvantage I've found with writing in Google Docs is that it is slower than writing in MS word as it is constantly saving the material being written and this leaves a gap in the writing speed.  For example, I will be writing but it will not appear on the page as quickly because it is often in a saving mode.  This creates a lag between the speed I am attempting to type the words on the page and the speed with which those words are appearing.  This is so frustrating to me that I have taken to writing it in Word and then pasting it in Google Docs.