Monday, November 15, 2010

Thing #19 Web 2.0 Awards

I looked at many of the web 2.0  tools including a geneology searcher, but my favorite was another blog search tool called "Google Blogsearch".  It is like Technorati in that it searches blogs for news and information about topics you indicate.  It then gives you a list of blogs which contain that information.  I actually used this to do some more research about Infantile Spasms (you may have read of my predicament in my blog #18).  I actually came up with quite a few blogs containing information on this very rare phenomenon.  This has been helpful to me.  "Google Blogsearch" was awarded the number one spot in the news and blog search tools category in the awards. As far as the useful parts of blog searching in regards to Libraries and education, blogs often contain useful information which  cannot be found when doing a regular  website search.  Blogs are an alternative source of news and information seperate from websites which should not be overlooked when doing research.

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