Monday, November 8, 2010

Thing #14: Technorati

Technorati is an interesting site that lets you search for blogs or blog posts which contain information or subject matter that you are interested in.  You can also search through popular tags to find blogs and/or posts that are interesting or relevent to you.  This is an easy way to search for blogs which contain information which may be of interest or use to you, easier than trying to google your way to a blog, which is what you would have to do without Technorati or other sites like it.  This type of search is a much more efficient and simple way to search for information within blogs or to search for blogs of a specific content than a google search which will give you a list of websites and not necessarily blogs containing the info one is searching for.  Technorati is a great tool for teachers and librarians looking for information for themselves or their students.  If you are looking to explore blogs for info,  than technorati is the place to begin.  Technorati even rates the blogs on "authority" which measures a sites influence and standing in the "blogosphere" and assigns it a number between 0-1000 with 100 being the highest authority. (Go to: for more info on this).  Blogs are becoming more popular and influential as time goes on, Technorati and other sites like it are good ways to find and compare blogs when doing research on particular topics or if you are just looking for a good blog to inspire you!!  

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