Friday, November 12, 2010

Thing #18 Online Productivity Tools: Google Docs

I have been using Google Docs since July when I started writing a children's book with my sister who is an artist and decided that we should finally accomplish our lifelong dream of me authoring a children's book while she illustrates it.  In order for her to be able to see my daily work on the book, my husband suggested we set it up using Google Docs.  This way she can access my document/book at any time to see what I am writing and give me feedback.  The advantage of this is just that, she can access what the latest version of what I am writing at any time by simply going into our Google Doc.  She can also edit it or add comments that I can see immediately. The disadvantage I've found with writing in Google Docs is that it is slower than writing in MS word as it is constantly saving the material being written and this leaves a gap in the writing speed.  For example, I will be writing but it will not appear on the page as quickly because it is often in a saving mode.  This creates a lag between the speed I am attempting to type the words on the page and the speed with which those words are appearing.  This is so frustrating to me that I have taken to writing it in Word and then pasting it in Google Docs.


  1. Writing a book? How exciting! Good Luck and hope to see you in Barnes and Noble one day!

  2. I hadn't really thought about the delay between writing and seeing it on the screen. I will be more observant of that. In your situation, I can see that it would be frustrating. I have not used Google Docs for anything like writing a book so I guess either I didn't notice or it didn't make any difference in what I was trying to do. Thanks for that bit of information.