Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thing #23 Summary

Well I have come to the end of my journey through the 23 Things.  Along the way I have  had many wonderful experiences.  I loved working with Image Chef, Photostory, Avatars, and all of those types of creative tools.  The artistic aspects of them were alot of fun!! I loved creating my blog and exploring other blogs. I have become a true blogophile!  This program has assisted my lifelong learning goals by giving me many tools to use in my career as a librarian as well as to show me how to find more webtools and how to continue to keep up with the latest web technology.  This is something  I definately plan to continue to do  throughout my career.  I am a lot less intimidated by this type of technology now that I have tried it and succeeded.  Not only is all of this stuff FUN it is so helpful and useful in the teaching/library profession.  As far as the way the 23 Things is set up, I don’t see doing much different, I thought the program was great.  I really liked having the comments underneath each Thing where students commented on problems or gave tips about the particular “Thing” being investigated.  Something  that surprised me during my experience was how much fun I had discovering and playing with all the Things.  Even though it was a lot of work, it was enjoyable work and a very creative experience. I would definitely choose to participate in any  discovery programs like this in the future.  It was a wonderful experience that I would describe as MIND-EXPANDING!! Now,  off I go a-commenting….

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  1. so glad it was a good experience and I do hope you will use many of the things...as a parent of young children I hop you will use the blog to tell your children's story! make it private if you want to but please put some of their story down...as a mother of grown children, I reget not having caputered more...wish 2.0 had been around!