Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thing #22 Nings

I  think Nings would be great for a classroom or a library to create.  As a librarian, I could create a Ning to network with other librarians in my district and we could fill it up with videos of our students doing cool things in the library, photos, access  to the blogs of other libraries and classrooms, student/teacher/parent resources, and so much more! I really liked Ning and checked out several Ning sites.  One of my favorites was “Teacher Librarian Ning”.  It had lots of great things on it including the latest news from school libraries all over the country,  discussions on topics like “cell phones in the classroom: distraction or tool?”, videos, photos, articles and links to all kinds of other blogs and interesting educational sites.  A person could spend hours here getting info and ideas!  Ning has inspired me and I hope to create my own Ning soon,  I just have to figure out on what.  Maybe one for library students all over the country.  Hmmm, I’ll have to go check and see if there is one of those yet!! Happy Ning-ing!

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